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Surrey Wedding Photography
The family wedding photography business started in 1897 with a Lancaster Instrantograph plate camera and photography was undertaken throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Many of the beautiful wedding albums produced over 100 years ago still exist in good condition. In 1970, with the introduction of professional VPS colour film, the first portrait studio opened at 340 High Street, Dorking, Surrey. Four years later a new studio and showroom was built near Epsom Downs and a showroom in The Street, Ashtead. In the 1990s our website became our showroom, but we are still very happy to meet couples in Surrey, and throughout the UK to show some of our beautiful aibums and portfolios and discuss wedding photography.
Philip Craven, jnr, first trained at Jaguar Studios, a fashion studios in London. He continued his training in society wedding photography as an assistant to Royal Photographer, Tom Hustler before taking over the family wedding business. Over 100 books have now been publish with his photography including "The Souvenir to A Royal Wedding". Philip Craven was awarded the qualification of Fellow of the Master Photographers Associaton, the British Photographers Association and the Photographers Guild and has received their "Wedding Photographer of The Year Award" on two consecutive years. He has also received the Hasselblad Cup for Wedding Photography and gold awards from The World Council of Professional Photographers and Master Photographers Association. After being listed as one of the top twenty wedding photographers he received wedding photography commisions from abroad.
Beautiful Pictorial Wedding Photography by Philip Craven and some of the Worlds Finest Albums at Affordable Prices.

COVID-19 To help couples who have had to cancel weddings we are offering a 50% Discount for local weddings within 10 miles of Dorking, Surrey during 2021 and 2022

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